The Starter Company Plus Program is for existing business owners operating between 1 to 3 years (market ready/ready to sell), to expand (hiring employees, contractors or getting a location) or buying a business in Durham Region.


The Program provides:

  • The program has 3 mandatory training days over 2 weeks (9:00 am – 3:00 pm) covering Business Concept, Organization, Operations and Customer Relations
  • The chance to receive up to $5,000 in seed funding to kick off a new business or expand your current business
  • The experience of running a successful business that may help you obtain more traditional financing such as a bank loan if you so require in the future

This program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

Program Participant Requirements:

  • Comply with the program guidelines and implement the business substantially in accordance with your completed business plan and financials included with the application.
  • Operate your business on a full-time basis, a minimum average of 35 hours a week
  • Attend 6 mandatory business mentor sessions over 3 months
  • Agree to one site visit by the program provider
  • Maintain an activity log provided and reviewed by BACD, include time allocations, outline business tasks, operations and marketing activities
  • Maintain appropriate business records of income and expenditures including receipts which must be submitted to BACD.
  • Complete the participant survey at the end of program cycle (1, 2 and 3-year update)
  • Submit an exit questionnaire on your business (learning outcomes and experience)

Connect with Patrice Esper, Program Coordinator to find out more (905) 668-4949 ext 227

BACD Waiver
BACD reserves the right to disqualify any participant that, in its sole judgement, violates the spirit of the program and its guidelines, processes and rules. BACD and its Grant Committee decisions are final.

BACD reserves the right to suspend, delay, modify or cancel these terms and conditions for any reasonable applicable law.

**Please note: All program participants will receive business training, however, not all will receive the grant/seed funding.

The Program Application Process

  • Complete the ELIGIBILITY APPLICATION online. On completion, you will be contacted by the Program Coordinator to review your application.
  • If eligible, you will be asked to register for all 3 training days and mentor sessions. Registration links will be provided by the Program Coordinator.

Program Application Participant Completion

  • Submit your completed program Participation Agreement and proof of in-kind contribution. The program coordinator will instruct you when and how to complete
  • Submit completed application and signed Participant Agreement with Business Advisory Centre Durham Inc.
  • Provide copies of business registration, business bank account, SIN# (required if approved for seed funding), and any required licensing documents to your Program Provider
  • Provide proof of equity ($1,250)
  • Complete mandatory business training provided by the Business Advisory Centre Durham
  • Upon completion of training, participants may apply for the seed funding. If awarded seed funding, disbursement is in 2 payments and there are mandatory requirements to stay in the program and milestones for the final disbursement
  • Submit your completed business plan and cash flow for review by a Grant Committee, if approved by committee, receive seed funding disbursement in 2 installments.