Garcia Hanson-Francis, CADJPRO

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Garcia Hanson-Francis is the owner of CADJPro Payroll Solutions.  A business payroll, virtual outsourcing and bookkeeping business.

Garcia recently joined BACD’s Expert Network and as such, we want to share their expertise with you.

CADJPro helps business owners maneuver the economic complexities of running payroll and remain compliant while avoiding the intricacies involved.  Their focus is to provide a positive experience, error free payroll, thereby allowing organizations to focus on what they do best!

CADJPRO’s core values are: Efficiency, Reliability and Accuracy.  They want to make sure your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time.  Their clients tell CADJPRO that they “take care of it”. They are reliable and their expert team are known for being accurate – a very important factor when it comes to payroll!

When you outsource to CADJPro Payroll Solutions, you are taking the right step to reduce processing, minimize payroll errors and streamline your operational processes.

Outsourcing services include:

  • Setting up of new hires, terminations, leave of absence, and more
  • Direct Deposit and electronic pay statements for employees
  • Payroll calculations, cheque printing, remittances to external agencies and delivery of client reports
  • Processing of Federal/ Support payments, external garnishment and remittance to third party vendors
  • Management report processing
  • General Ledger uploads and payroll account reconciliations
  • Administration of rejected and replacement cheques, stop payment procedures and earning & deduction codes update

They also provide cycle and year end services once the payroll is processed:

  • Full online access to your payroll software, EFT deposits, custom & standardized reports and service charges
  • Payroll register displaying employee earnings & deduction breakdown
  • Job Costing report if applicable
  • Payroll Processing calendar
  • Remittance details for employee and employer taxes to be remitted
  • Payroll Audit Administration if applicable

Year End Services 

  • Pension Adjustments
  • T4’s and RL’s
  • WSIB, CSST, EHT reconciliation

Benefits Services

  • Process and maintain employee benefit coverage changes
  • Administer applicable payroll deductions
  • Monthly billing payment submission to vendors
  • Employee benefits analysis quotes

Meet Garcia in person, Teresa from the BACD had an opportunity to talk with Garcia about her business, click the video below!

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