This simplest legal registration is the Business Name Registration. This online Provincial site allows you to do a business name search, renew or register your sole proprietor, general partnership or corporate trade name go to Ontario Business Services. Register a business name

The easiest and most cost effective ($49) way to register is to use our OWNR registration code

The fee for each name search is $8, the registration fee is $60. First you have to apply for your Service Ontario ONE KEY (which you could receive immediately but also can take up to 10 days).

The Business Name Registration is valid for 5 years, after which you’ll need to renew at the above link. If your license has expired you have up to 60 days to renew after the 60 days of grace you will register as a new business but be aware you also get a new BIN number.

To change business information, address or cancel your Business Naming Registration visit your OWNR or Ontario Business Registry to make those changes.

To change the business name, all partners, or change from a partnership to a sole proprietor you must complete a new business registration.