Getting started with IP: protecting the look

In this live presentation, we’ll explain how IP rights can have an impact on consumers’ opinions and choices. You’ll learn the basics of industrial designs and what they can protect. We’ll talk about the importance of designs and other IP rights and their relation with consumers’ purchasing habits, and building of a brand reputation.


CIPO’s learning tools and resources

In this live presentation, we'll explain what CIPO does and how you can benefit from our tools and services to learn how to use IP more effectively. We'll explain what IP is, show you our most popular tools and services and tell you how you can use these to learn about IP and to protect and manage your own IP.


Reach Customers Online With Google

This workshop explains how Google Search works and how you can improve a website's visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Progress with IP: IP Abroad

In this live presentation, you'll learn the basics of protecting your IP outside Canada. We'll explain the importance of protecting your IP in countries where you plan on doing business, why you should avoid disclosing your IP before you protect it, what you should know about your target countries and the different ways you can apply for IP rights abroad.


Progress with IP: IP Commercialization

In this live presentation, you'll learn the basics of IP commercialization. We'll explain what you should consider before commercializing your IP, the different ways to turn your IP into a revenue source, and the roles involved with commercializing IP.


Canadian Food Labelling Regulations Webina

Online - Zoom MT, Canada

Join the Government of Ontario in collaboration with the Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF) for a free webinar providing an overview of the Canadian Food Labelling Regulations.All mandatory labelling elements will be discussed including ingredient lists, allergen statements, Nutrition Facts, net weight, bilingual requirements and more.We will also cover requirements surrounding voluntary claims, CFIA enforcement and upcoming regulations like the Front-of-Package nutrition symbols.

Getting started with IP: Why is IP important?

In this live presentation, you'll learn what patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights are. We'll explain how these rights are used to protect a business and how they help it grow and become more competitive. We'll talk about how to identify and manage IP and explain ways to avoid some of the most common mistakes with IP.