BACD Business Fundamentals: Business Planning (In Person)

Business Advisory Centre Durham 3000 Garden Street, ##200, Whitby, ON, Canada

This session is ideal for budding entrepreneurs and those considering opening their own small business or wanting to formalize their business operations/business plan. It's a great place for you to start exploring the fundamentals of every successful business.


Legal Issues of Running a Business (Online)

This session dives into crucial legal aspects, from formation to daily operations. Learn to steer clear of common pitfalls, navigate regulatory challenges, and ensure legal compliance.


Shine: Build Your Business Online with Personal Branding

During this 60-minute workshop, we will break down personal branding, how it can support you with passively building your business, and help you build a strategy to make personal branding easy. Whether you have a service or a product-based business, getting clear on your personal brand is a necessity.