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If you’ve ever had a potential ads manager tell you you might need to spend $1000+ dollars just to test a campaign before it’s optimized (i.e. performing well with the conversion you want, at as low a Cost Per Result, and high Return on Ad Spend as possible), well don’t believe them! They just haven’t incorporated Sprint Testing into their ads management repertoire!

In this 90 minute workshop, Sarah from Niche Up Digital will take you through 3 Sprint Tests you can do for under $100 that will isolate variables and give you the most valuable information on what will actually perform with your ideal customer audience — even if you have a brand new business or Meta Ads account!

With this information you’ll be able to reduce the risk of a full blown Meta Ads campaign that wastes your money and time. (And you’ll have incredibly valuable market research you can use in copywriting for your social media, blogs, emails, and sales pages, too!)

This event will be held ONLINE through ZOOM.

About The Presenter

Sarah Peel is the Founder of Niche Up Digital Marketing. For over 20 years Sarah has worked with start-ups and other big dreamers in the business and charitable sector.

As a copywriter, graphic designer, educator, and business strategist, Sarah has written 1 million+ words, worked on 10 websites from scratch, 18 social media accounts, and of course, ad campaigns of my own or my employers’. She knows how to learn new platforms and pivot when the algorithm changes!

A major recurring pain point in ALL those experiences? Getting eyeballs on the content that turn to clicks, that then turn to purchases. Increasingly, we’ve got to pay to play — and the rules of the game are always changing.