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Join our intensive 4-week Sales Training Program and embark on a transformative journey toward becoming a sales champion.

Unlock Your Sales Potential in 4 Weeks!

Are you ready to supercharge your sales skills and boost your revenue?


When you book a ticket you are automatically in all 4 LIVE WEEKLY sessions.

Join our intensive 4-week Sales Training Program and embark on a transformative journey toward becoming a sales champion. This workshop-style program will make sales simple and easy for any business owner.

Whether you’re a seasoned or new entrepreneur, this program is designed to take your sales game to the next level.

Feb 1st – Week 1: Sales Fundamentals

In the first week, we lay the foundation for your success in the world of sales:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the sales process and its pivotal role in business growth.
  • Master essential sales communication skills to connect with your clients on a personal level.
  • Learn how to set clear, achievable sales goals and develop winning strategies

Feb 8th – Week 2: Prospecting and Lead Generation

Week two is all about filling your sales pipeline with high-quality leads:

  • Discover the secrets of effective lead generation strategies and managing a sales funnel.
  • Build valuable networks and referral systems to expand your reach and create a steady stream of prospects.
  • Understand different outreach channels and harness their power for lead generation.

Feb 15th – Week 3: Sales Techniques and Closing Deals

In the third week, you’ll hone your sales skills and learn how to seal the deal:

  • Develop strategies to create compelling win-win value propositions
  • Prepare and deliver compelling sales content and communication that leave a lasting impact on your clients.
  • Learn how to handle objections with confidence and get the business.

Feb 22nd – Week 4: Sales Management and Growth

The final week is dedicated to automating your sales processes and making them scalable.

  • Gain insight into sales automation and CRM systems that will streamline your sales processes.
  • Learn to measure and analyze sales performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Learn to include all your business stakeholders and customers in the selling process.

Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your revenue by mastering modern selling. Secure your spot today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey to sales excellence together!

About The Presenters:

Maggie Perotin

Professionally, Maggie has been working in the facility management corporate world holding operational leadership positions for over 13 years. She has done a lot: people and team leadership, managed operations of a 24/7/365 critical department, a portfolio of facilities, lead small construction projects and North American programs; business analytics, technology upgrades & implementations.

Maggie helps entrepreneurs take full control of their time and run their businesses strategically so that they can successfully lead a balanced life.

The services Stairway to Leadership provides consist of business strategy coupled with high-performance time management skills and habits; people leadership; effective business communication, and operational excellence.

Chantel Escoffery

Chantel Escoffery is a passionate Marketing Professional with over 23 years of marketing experience and skills, providing her the ability to see connections and correlations rather quickly. She is a strong marketer with experience and success in all aspects of marketing including strategic planning, integrated omnichannel marketing, loyalty, research, consumer analytics, market and business trends, event engagement planning and execution across different channels. She has worked with some well-loved brands in various industries and sectors such as gaming, charitable gaming, non for profit, online legal products, financial, travel and retail/ service industries for both consumer and B2B markets.

In 2018, Chantel founded CE Marketing Solutions Inc. in efforts to help provide entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses uncover out of the box opportunities packed in a customer centric customized marketing solution. Her company provides marketing consulting, training and coaching, customize products, promotional items and event planning support.