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Together in 5 LIVE weekly sessions you’ll be transforming the way you work in your business by kickstarting your journey to high-performance. When you book a ticket you are automatically in all 5 sessions.

Too many business owners plateau in their business growth because they already work too many hours and don’t want to work more.

They cannot imagine scaling their business and generating more income could be possible by working less.

What if it was possible?

Would you be up for doubling your revenue while working less, stressing less, and enjoying life more?

That is what our newest 5-week program is all about.

Week 1 – Becoming a PRO-CEO (Sept 20th 1-2:30pm)

You’ll gain clarity on how the most successful CEOs operate

You’ll start thinking about what results you can truly create in your business

You’ll learn how to make strategic decisions that don’t create unnecessary work but move your business forward

Week 2 – Operating at Your Best (Sept 27th 1-2:30pm)

You’ll learn and practice how to start each day calm and grounded

You’ll ditch your never-ending to-do list and replace it with effective utilization of your time as the PRO CEO

You’ll learn how to direct your thinking always to be making strategic, not rushed decisions

Week 3 – Leading People 101 (October 4th 1-2:30pm)

You’ll learn how to decide who to hire and when as your business grows

You’ll learn how to attract the best people

You’ll understand the principles behind building and leading high-performing teams

Week 4 – Creating Time Through Business Alignment (October 11th 1-2:30pm)

You’ll know what is required to create the alignment in your business

You’ll learn how to pick your strategic priorities and focus on them

You’ll learn how to create time through delegation

Week 5 – Making Money (October 18th 1-2:30pm)

You’ll uncover any limiting thoughts you have about making money

You’ll learn the Money Making Formula

You’ll create a plan on how to scale your business sustainably

About The Presenter – Maggie Perotin

Professionally, Maggie has been working in the facility management corporate world holding operational leadership positions for over 13 years. She has done a lot: people and team leadership, managed operations of a 24/7/365 critical department, a portfolio of facilities, lead small construction projects and North American programs; business analytics, technology upgrades & implementations.

Maggie helps entrepreneurs take full control of their time and run their businesses strategically so that they can successfully lead a balanced life.

The services Stairway to Leadership provides consist of business strategy coupled with high-performance time management skills and habits; people leadership; effective business communication, and operational excellence.