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Take a tour through the organic (free) and paid ways to play with Meta and Google in your digital marketing.

Ultimately, everything in the digital marketing “ecosystem” leads to a funnel.

A funnel’s job is to deliver leads (people who show an interest in what you offer) and sales to your business. It does this through a series of emails, ads, or social media posts that take your ideal client/customer on a journey. . . hopefully one that converts to $!

The two biggest players in this ecosystem are Meta, (who owns Facebook, Instagram and Threads), and Google. Each has a role to play in finding you new customers. . . either by “interruption”, or by “demand”.

In this session, we’re going to take a tour through the organic (free) and paid ways to play with Meta and Google in your digital marketing so that your niche clientele find your funnel and make their way to a sale!

Presented by: Sarah Peel, Niche Up Digital

I’m Sarah Peel, Founder of Niche Up Digital Marketing. For over 20 years I’ve worked with start-ups and other big dreamers in the business and charitable sector.

As a copywriter, graphic designer, educator, and business strategist, I’ve written millions of words, worked on 12 websites from scratch, 25+ social media accounts, and of course, ad campaigns of my own or my employers’. I know how to learn new platforms and pivot when the algorithm changes!

A major recurring pain point in ALL those experiences? Getting eyeballs on the content that turn to clicks, that then turn to purchases. Increasingly, we’ve got to pay to play — and the rules of the game are always changing. This is why I help my clients to be open to advertising rather than burning out trying to win with the algorithm!

I also use my teaching skills on a regular basis. So many of my clients don’t just need a consultant, or someone to take work off their plate, they need a coach and a collaborator. When that clicked for me, I knew I had to create my Ads Ready Program.

Do It In Durham Entrepreneurship Week

November 13 – 17, 2023

Join us for the 11th year of ‘Do It In Durham Entrepreneurship Week’. Durham Region’s celebration of entrepreneurship is held each November during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Do It In Durham Entrepreneurship Week is a collaboration of Durham’s business support, educational and networking organizations who have come together to encourage and support entrepreneurs, job creators and innovators who create economic growth in the Durham Region.