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Join us for a session tailored specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in leveraging and learning about how generative AI can help innovate and streamline their operations. In this session, we will demystify the concept of generative AI and provide you with practical insights on how these tools can generate creative content, automate routine tasks, and personalize customer experiences.

We will explore understanding the basics of Generative AI, exploring its potential for small business as well as random use cases that will help with everyday productivity, as well as look at the challenges/concerns posed by tools like ChatGPT.


Presented by: Daryll Julott, Digital Main Street
As the Managing Lead in charge of Digital Main Street, Darryl has extensive experience working within Public Private partnerships developing programming focused on small business, technology adoption and community building/planning. To date over 90,000 businesses have been supported through the Digital Main Street program. Darryl is also a seasoned entrepreneur and retail thought leader.

Do It In Durham Entrepreneurship Week
November 13 – 17, 2023
Join us for the 11th year of ‘Do It In Durham Entrepreneurship Week’. Durham Region’s celebration of entrepreneurship is held each November during Global Entrepreneurship Week.
Do It In Durham Entrepreneurship Week is a collaboration of Durham’s business support, educational and networking organizations who have come together to encourage and support entrepreneurs, job creators and innovators who create economic growth in the Durham Region.

In partnership with The Town of Whitby and Digital Main Street

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