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E Learning Trends Report from Thinkific

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The knowledge economy has changed forever. And Thinkific has the data to prove it.

The 2022 Online Learning Trends Report is a flagship piece of marketing content from Thinkific. This is the first edition of the annual report, with industry insights based on original research and data from the Thinkific platform. The report features analysis of the top 20% of Thinkific creators, and aims to uncover what they’re doing differently to make them so successful.

What separates the most successful creators in the knowledge economy from the rest? How has the pandemic changed online learning? And is it too late to put out a course on how to make your own sourdough starter?

The answers are here: The 2022 Online Learning Trends

The team at Thinkific analyzed metadata from the top 20% of creators to discover what exactly it is they’re doing differently to make them so successful. Now, you can see which trends set the trailblazers apart — and how you can use their tactics to bring in more business and better engage students in 2022. Take a look to see for yourself…

– How do the top creators keep students engaged for longer?
– What is their secret to growing their business?
– Where do top creators focus their time?
– What takeaways can someone just starting out learn from them?

Online courses have changed a LOT over the last two years.

That’s why the team at Thinkific decided to take a closer look at the top 20% of course creators to see what they’re doing differently to make them so darn successful. Here are the top four trends they discovered, backed by original data and research…

Trend 1: Learning is getting personal
Online courses are shifting away from the one-way communication that has traditionally dominated this industry. Find out why top creators are twice as likely to set up communities as part of their learning, and what tactics they use to keep students engaged.

Trend 2: The rise of multi-product learning
It’s not just about online courses anymore — 85% of top creators are selling more than one product or service this year. See how they’re able to increase revenue by adding memberships, ebooks, and coaching sessions into the mix.

Trend 3: Creators are taking control of their data 
Top creators have known for years how important audience data can be, but in 2022 they’re making it a priority. Discover which tactics they’re using to connect with potential customers, and why they’re twice as likely to track student engagement.

Trend 4: The end of the “hard sell”
Still relying on “hard sales” tactics and asking customers to pay upfront? Find out why top creators are twice as likely to use subscriptions to lower the cost of entry, and other ways they’re integrating pricing into the learning itself.

The report is chock-full of insights you can put into action today. Because if you’re still creating courses the same way you were two years ago — you might be missing out on some BIG opportunities.

See the 2022 Online Learning Trends

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