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Patty Young


Workwise Consulting Group is a human resources consulting company that specializes in helping Ontario small businesses reach their growth potential. HR is one of the most complicated aspects of running a business. We take the worry out of hiring, performance, compliance and other employee related areas. It's like having a HR manager on your strategic team without the full-time costs of hiring. Our products and services are tailored for small businesses who don't have the time, expertise or people to manage HR. Workwise makes HR simple and affordable.

After working several years as a HR manager for small businesses, Patty Young decided to start a consulting firm to address the employee issues she saw that many smaller organizations have in common.  Unlike larger organization, small businesses don’t have the time or expertise to deal with the constant changing of employment standards and legislation.  Also, small businesses don’t have enough work or the budget to afford the full-time salary of a HR professional.  She wanted to create scalable solutions that were designed specifically with a smaller business model in mind.

The information and support Patty received from BACD was invaluable.  After completing the BACD program, She felt that her business has a clear direction and vision for the future. Workwise Consulting Group is marketed using a direct approach at targeted businesses within their niche.  A monthly newsletter is sent to their email subscribers including all new services and product launches.