135 Byron Street North Street, Whitby, ON L1N4M8


Nancy Elms


J'adore Intimates is a bra fitting boutique offering the best in intimate apparel to the Durham region. We carry a remarkable selection of European bras, panties, swimwear and sleepwear. We focus on making clients comfortable with the bra fitting process and ensuring a proper fit in bras & swimwear. We carry a wide range of sizes from A to J cup and 30 to 48 band sizes. We cater to every shape and size. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Love to help women feel good about themselves no matter their shape or size. A proper fitting bra can improve their overall appearance and self esteem. Through my own boutique can provide high customer service and client satisfaction. Love all aspects of owning my own business.

What helped you when working with BACD and how did it impact you and your business

BACD helped me with our social media platforms and improving our website to increase store traffic and online sales.

Tell us about the growth of your business. How many employees, locations etc?

We have had our boutique in Whitby for over 7 years now but I had a previous location in Toronto for over 20 years prior to Whitby. I now have 2 other staff members.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Love the freedom to develop my business the way I want and the flexibility with working hours and etc. It takes a few years to develop and become profitable to pay yourself. The initial profits need to keep going back into the business. Just love what you do!