1077 Boundary Road Street, Unit 109, Oshawa, ON L1J 8P8


Trisha Bower


My vintage style baking business is my passion! I make everyone's favourite meal; dessert from scratch in my commercial, nut free kitchen.

Using a generations old recipe for shortbread, I started to bake in my own kitchen over 20 years ago. I knew it was time to leave my Social Services job when my orders outnumbered the hours in the week I had to make them.

Meeting with Ryan from BADC early in my business helped me create a business plan and source suppliers.

My customers are my best marketing tool, if they like something they will tell someone else, they will comment on my social media pages, they will share my posts and they will drive out of their way to find me at local events. Social Media is a excellent free tool for businesses!

Stay in your lane. Get really focused on what you want and work hard to get that. Ignore what others are doing and dream BIG.

Eat My Shortbread is meeting the need for a delicious and indulgent treat that is affordable and feels luxurious.  The benefits of buying from me are that they know where the treat is made, who made it and that is it a quality product.