Summer Company

Muskoka Gems

Muskoka Gems is a jewelry business. I sell homemade bracelets and necklaces, host birthday parties, and have pop up booths at local markets.

2020-08-05T16:00:08-04:005 August 2020|

Insight Media

Insight Media is a marketing agency that connects businesses with local Nano-Influencers to promote their brand and reach the right audience. Insight Media creates, manages and measures brand's campaigns on Instagram.

2020-07-24T14:31:10-04:0024 July 2020|


At Projo, we help kids in grades 4 to 8 refine their project skills, getting them results. Each student gets their own Project Master to provide adaptable guidance and teach them the secret techniques of acing school projects. We help our students learn life skills, tools for school projects, communication, good habits for success in school, and abstract thinking. All through project-based learning!

2020-07-24T12:48:20-04:0024 July 2020|

DC Produce

DC Produce provides locally grown vegetables to my community. We have grown yellow and red onions, radishes, cherry and beefsteak tomatoes. Having this business and growing my own food has been very rewarding during this trying time.

2020-07-24T12:26:33-04:0024 July 2020|

High Horse Equestrian

High Horse Equestrian offers eco friendly and sustainable equestrian polo shirts and horse themed gift wear. High Horse Equestrian is for people in the equestrian community, who want to be eco conscious without sacrificing comfort and function in their equestrian items.

2020-07-20T14:22:23-04:0020 July 2020|
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